"Sweetistry Cotton Candy and Event Treats, caterer of sweet treats to the Pennsylvania Tri-State area."

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Cotton Candy Favors

Desirable Edible Wedding and Party Favors

Over the years I have managed to accumulate quite a few wedding and party favors. From wine glasses, pictures frames and even some candied almonds wrapped in tulle (I know these are edible but I have always been leery of

Cotton Candy All Grown Up

Cotton Candy Flavors All Grown Up

“Mommy, I want the pink one!” “Mommy, I want the blue one!” Do you remember shouting your choice of cotton candy while pointing your finger to the big, fluffy bag of cotton candy? A trip to the amusement park, carnival,


Show Employees Appreciation with Cotton Candy

Let’s face it. The workplace is oftentimes an employee’s second home away from home. They spend 40-60 hours there a week, form friendships with their coworkers, and work hard at achieving company goals. Because they are dedicated employees, these very